Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Candy is User Friendly!

Hello! Today is my Jaded Blossom DT day!
I have a little story behind this project..my 70 year old mother just got her first iphone! She was having a little trouble getting the hang of it...she was a little overwhelmed at first. She said more than once...maybe I am just too old for this. I convinced her to keep at it but to brighten her spirits I made her this little treat to put a smile on her face.
Here is the recipe:
NEW Jaded Blossom A2 Card Sleeve
Jaded Blossom Candy Wrap Dies
Jaded Blossom Over the Hill Candies
Jaded Blossom Technology Challenged
Jaded Blossom Wine Tag Die (topper!)
Jaded Blossom Mini Tag Dies
Jaded Blossom Card Mat Dies (base inside)
Thanks for stopping by today!
~Crystal :0)


Kim Ricketts said...

Oh this is just perfect! My mom still refuses to get an Iphone. She insists on using her flip phone lol! I love the treat! I bet she did too!

JP said...

That is soooo sweet of you! I bet she was encouraged to keep trying. Where did you find the chocolate?

mayra said...

Where you buy the chocolate phone?

Kate said...

That is so cute, LOVE the iphone chocolate.