Monday, January 2, 2012

First attempt at sewing

Hi everyone! I hope that the new year is treating you well. I decided this weekend that I was FINALLY going to figure out how to use the sewing machine I bought on black Friday. I got it out of the box, read the directions (which isn't normal for me), attempted to thread it and failed and then stared at the machine feeling defeated for about 20 minutes!! I was so disappointed. But thank goodness my sister Kim came to rescue me yesterday and we spent some qualitity time going over the basics!

So today I tried to sew all by myself-it didn't start out well at all. My hubby to be asked me if I had ever had a home economics class--the answer is obviously NO! He said he could sew me in circles!! He was very encouraging and told me to keep practicing. But he also knew that if he told me he could do it better then I could that I wouldn't quit until I got it perfect! (I'm a little competitive with him. Lol)

So here is my 4th attempt at an iPhone sleeve. It seemed very simple, but I have trouble sewing a straight line. Lol. As you can me this is the best of the 4 I made! :0)
I'm not sure if I am a "sewer" yet but it was fun to try something new! I think I am going to attempt an iPad sleeve next.....maybe. I miss paper!

Happy Crafting!


Pink Cricut said...

Sewing is not my thing either- although I do try from time to time. You did a much better job than I would have!! :)

Kim Ricketts said...

Crystal this is great! I have had a sewing machine brand new in the box for 12 years and am beyond scared to use it!! You are inspiring!!

Kim :)

Lisa said... sound like me. I think this looks pretty good, though. :) Thanks for sharing!


CREATIVE M said...

Great Job! Thanks for sharing!

Crystal said...

Thanks Sarah!!! I'm SO excited you checked out my blog! :0)

Kim-You are so sweet--break out that sewing machine girl!!! :0)

Lisa-Thank you!! I'm happy with my first project :0)

Creative M-Thanks for stopping by :0)