Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inspired by...?

Happy Hump Day! I know it's a short work week but man it feels like this week is taking forever!! I can't wait until the weekend-down time and time to get crafty! :0)
So I have had these cards made up for a while and the have just been piled up on the corner of my craft table/kitchen table (lol!) for weeks! I just keep moving them from one corner to another. And they needed a home! So I kept remembering a cute card box that held cards and envelopes, that would make a great home for theses cards BUT for the life of me I couldn't remember where I had seen it!! Soooo I thought I had created this box in my head and was feeling kinda good about myself....then it hit me.....'Paper Crafts by Candace' has a handmade card club and my crafty friend made an adorable box a few quarters back that held all the beautiful cards she created for the club!! :0) I knew I saw it somewhere and I only realized where the inspiration came from after I counted the cards I had made and there were 12! Something in my head clicked! Thank you Candace for sharing your creativity :0) and for being my inspiration on this project.
Here are a sample of the cards that I made and the last picture is the card box I was inspired to make from Candace! :0)
Happy Crafting!!


Totally Twisted Cards said...

Cute cards. Love the box. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the Pink Cricut Linky Party! I'm a new follower.

stacy at Totally Twisted Cards

Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm headed over to your blog! :0)

Kim Ricketts said...

very cute!!

Kim :)

Candace Pelfrey said...

These are so cute Crystal!! Cute box too. I especially love the colors and wow thats alot of cards!! :)

Raven B said...

Super cute girl! Keep up the awesome crafting!!!